Making Midwest is our collective flag, planted.

The Midwest is a leader in the creative industry. From Chicago, to Detroit, to Pittsburgh, Nashville and everywhere in between, the Midwest is home to the most passionate and hardworking people in the country— Making Midwest is our collective flag, planted. A proud showing of what we make, how we make it and why. And most importantly, our shared stories, as we grow and push each other to be the very best — we are Making Midwest.


Started in Early 2015 in Columbus, Ohio, Making Midwest is a community created by Zwelly Co. as an initiative to serve the creative artists of the Midwest United States by bringing them value in the form of talks, projects & workshops.

Who We Are

Making Midwest is run by a passionate group of Ohio Designers, Animators, Developers, Photographers and Film Makers that believe our creative community can rise together.

Matt Vojacek

Founder & Organizer

Bryan Garvin

Web Developer & Sponsor Curator

Greg D'Amico

Motion Designer

Charles Hairston

Videographer & Maker Series Director

Dmitriy Prokhnevskiy

Animator & Workshop Host

Eric "Bing" Ringquist

Video Editor

Savannah Neeley

Event Planner & Merchandiser

Faith Gutzman

Branding & Marketing

Gutzi Design

Zach Wilke

Web Designer & Photographer

Jimmy Rosenberger

Social Content & Animation

Kristina Prokhnevskiy

Press & Sponsorship Outreach