Marshall Shorts

Founder & Organizer, Artfluential + Creative Control Fest

Columbus, OH

Marshall is an award winning entrepreneur, artist and designer with a passion for creativity. His creative passion is only rivaled by his commitment to being an agent of change for his community, fellow creatives, and entrepreneurs.

He is Founder and Creative-N-Chief of Artfluential, formerly Soulo Theory Creative, a boutique creative agency collective made up of artisans, designers, developers & thinkers that live at the intersection of design, technology & culture.


Marshall is a man whom I consider a mentor, collaborator, and close friend. When I was just starting out as a freshmen at CCAD, Marshall was one of the first people to really take interest in my work and encourage it. As one of the few black faces in a crowd that felt undeniably white, it meant a lot to hear reassuring words from someone that looked like me, let alone someone that was a creative. He was one of the first people to take a chance on me and become a client when I started doing freelance, and through word of mouth, he continues to be a huge reason on why I can keep making a living off of the work that I'm making. I genuinely wouldn't be where I'm at today if I hadn't met Marshall.

Cameron Granger